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Our Superb

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                                                   Was what we asked for and
                                                   they came to us in every                                                    shape and size. From                                                    delicate etchings to big, bold and chunky statements. A breathtaking variety of paintings complimented by some stunning sculptures - again from delicate fine pottery to huge birds soaring to the ceiling.

We created a more open space in the Cheval room which was appreciated by our visitors, having room to stand back and admire or critique the paintings.

We thank you all; artists, volunteers, sponsors and our visitors, for making this, our tenth exhibition, a very special occasion.

Our patron, David Trubridge, would have been proud had he not been in Germany, presenting his lights.

So what have Art HB got in store for you in 2017?
Each year we get a few rumblings from some entrants about not knowing into which category they should enter their painting.
We try each year to make the categories a little ambiguous so that you can stretch your imagination and dazzle us with your ‘thinking outside the box’ entries and you seldom let us down. Just for a change, this year we have decided to cast aside the subtleties and give you this year’s theme and categories;  

Keeping it simple, the categories are;
Animals, Around Town, In the Garden, Open,
People, The Land, and finally, Water.

The dates are:-
Receiving day 20 Mar, 9.30 am to Noon
Opening Evening 23 March, 5.30 pm ‘til 8.30 pm approx.
Exhibition Days 24, 25 & 26 March. 9 am to 6 pm

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