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This is a selected exhibition with the theme …TBA………………… in which there will be seven (7) named categories:-
 As the artist, you select in which of the named categories to enter each of your paintings.

The winner of each category will receive a sponsor’s prize of $250.

If, in the selector’s opinion, no suitable work is available within a category, no prize will be presented for that category. The selector’s decision is final.

Additional prizes will be awarded to ‘Best in Exhibition’ and ‘People’s Choice Award’.

A further prize from the sponsor  J W Picture Framing & Art Gallery is selected by them and their decision is final.


•  Every contributing artist must be a member of an eligible art group or club within the Hawke’s Bay region. (Wairoa through to Dannevirke and all points in between).

•  All works must be original; i.e. not completed under supervision nor previously exhibited.

•  Entries are limited to 3 entries per artist.  

•  All work must be for sale at the exhibition and thereafter on-line. This does not exclude private sales.

•  Entry fee is $10 per work submitted and is non-refundable.

•  20% commission will be charged on all Exhibition Sales and 25% commission for on-line sales. If sold by ‘Offer’ at the end of the exhibition    the commission still applies.
     Please consider this when determining your selling price(s).

•  All work must have a Hawke’s Bay component where applicable
    i.e. Landscapes, Events, known landmarks etc.

•  All paintings must be suitably framed according to medium and be ready to hang.
   Unsuitable framing will be considered at selection time.

SPECIAL NOTICE:- An entry comprising of two or more ‘canvases*’ must be rigidly joined together so that it can be hung from a single hanging point. A triptych entered in this form will count as one entry, allowing the artist to enter two further paintings.
A triptych entered as un-joined pieces uses the full quota allowed.

    ‘*Canvas’ includes any and all materials used as a support

The method of joining is left to your discretion but strips of white painted MDF would be a simple method.

•  Each work must have a swing ticket showing: artist’s name, club name, title of work, category, medium, selling price, and for on-line shipping information, the size, Width x Height (to nearest centimetre).

•  Prior to the exhibition, a digital image of your artwork(s) should be sent to;- derrick_arthb@xtra.co.nz  or on disc/memory stick (returnable, if self addressed stamped envelope enclosed) to;- D. J. Mills, 30 Shortland Street, Tamatea, Napier 4112.

(Advisory note; Exercise care when photographing your work for catalogue and your on-line shop window.
Avoid reflections by removing glass temporarily from frame).

Artworks must be delivered to:- The Cheval Room, HB Racing Centre, Hastings, between 9.30 am and noon on the Monday prior to exhibition.

NO LATE ENTRIES, as selection follows immediately after receiving closes, at Noon.

• All paintings remain the property of the artist unless sold.

• Sold, paintings cannot be released until close of exhibition, on the final night. No exceptions.

• Sold, non selected and unsold work should be collected from the venue between 10 am and noon on the Monday following exhibition.

• All work, sold or unsold, will be displayed on our website;  www.arthawkesbay.co.nz shortly after the exhibition and remain there until replaced by the following exhibition..
 Sold work will show a ‘Sold’ red dot when viewed.

• Unsold works will be offered for sale on the site, any resulting sales will attract 25%  commission.

• Notice of any painting sold privately should be e-mailed directly to;  derrick_arthb@xtra.co.nz  so that its status can be changed on the   website.  
 (Phone only if no e-mail connection - 06 844 4066)


Whilst good care is taken by Art Hawke’s Bay ALL RISKS relating to the artwork remain the sole responsibility of the artist.

Art HB cannot be held liable for any copyright infringements; the artist indemnifies Art HB accordingly.