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at $15.00 each

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We need volunteers to enable us to run the exhibition. Please if you can help us, select from the options shown.

Receiving Day, Sun. 18 Mar. 1 pm
6 required

Selection begins 3.00 pm, none reqd.

Screen Erection,Sun. 18 Mar. 5.30 pm
2 - 4 fit persons required

 Hanging Monday 19 Mar, 9.00 am
4 required, tools supplied

Collection Day Mon 26 Mar 9.00 am
4 required until cleared


2 persons per session per day
24 required in total

Thursday 22 March

Friday 23 March

Saturday 24 March

Sunday 25 March

Permission granted to use photos of my work for promotion purposes.

I have read Terms and Conditions

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Use cursor keys or tab key to fill in all required box and any others you need to complete your entry form. The required fields have an asterisk preceding field title and shown in red.

If entering the painting categories you are required to fill in the No 1 fields in that section plus any other additional entries, up to the maximum of 3 entries (includes Sculptures).

If you are entering a sculpture, fill in the sculpture section shown in blue.


The account Number for Art Hawke’s Bay is:-

03 13690161407 00

and should be used when payment is made by Internet or Phone Banking using the reference ‘Captured’ and don’t forget to include your name.


Make payable to;

The Treasurer,
Art Hawke’s Bay Inc.

Cheques should be posted to
Art Hawke’s Bay,
 PO Box 2487,  Hastings.


When you have filled in all the appropriate boxes and you click on the ‘Submit’ button, a pop-up ‘CAPTCHA’ screen will appear with a blurred or scrambled image.
Enter the characters in the  box provided then submit.
An audio version is also available and the option to show a new screen.
When a page showing the details you have entered appears, it confirms that your entry is complete and that a copy has been sent to us by Serif Web Resources.

If you wish to use a
hard copy Entry Form
Click Here


The organiser will contact you to confirm days and or times with you.
Thank you for your valuable assistance. Without you
the exhibition could not function, you are an essential  part of the complete setup.


Get your entry form in

5 March and pay no
entry fee on
i.e. Submit two Items
pay just $10.00
Submit three items and
pay just $20.00.
After Sunday 4 March
pay full price on all items submitted.