Sculpture Section Selector

Susan Mabin was to be our Sculpture Selector in 2020.  She is a multimedia artist working in installation, sculpture, painting and photography. Susan graduated from Ideaschool, Eastern Institute of Technology in 2018 with a Master of Professional Creative Practice, having completed a post graduate diploma in 2016 and her degree in 2014.  Susan has been a finalist in the NZ National Contemporary Art Award in 2016 and 2017, the Molly Morpeth 3D Canaday Award and the Adam Portraiture Award in 2018, and the Molly Morpeth Canaday Painting and Drawing award in 2019.  She has work in private collections, including The Wallace Arts Trust.  

Susan lives in Napier, Hawke’s Bay.

Entering the Sculpture Section

We invited sculpture artists to submit an entry to the 2020 Art Hawke’s Bay Exhibition being held 30 March to 11 April 2020, now cancelled.

The final selection and winner was to be judged at the venue by our guest selector Susan Mabin.

There was a prize of $300 for the winner of the sculpture section.

The sculpture may have been of any subject but we encouraged you to have a reference to Hawke’s Bay if possible.

Sculptors may have displayed a price on works for sale, commission would be taken on items sold as per other exhibition entries.

Entry limited to one per person, with the dimensions of the work to be no greater then 750mm x 500mm x 1800 high…smaller is acceptable.

Expressions of interest were to be emailed Sheryl Eustace .

After this images of 3 sides of your entry were then to be emailed to her. INITIAL SELECTION WILL BE MADE FROM THESE IMAGES.

You were asked to bring your sculpture to the venue (Community Art Centre, Hastings) for the final selection.

Please note: Sculpture Artists do not need to be part of a Hawke’s Bay Art club.